FacebookChat downloads break 4000 million profit overwhelmed

Beijing on June 8th news, reports from foreign media, feature phone version of Facebook chat application Facebook Chat downloads exceeded 40 million times 18 months after the release, the application of daily downloads has reached about 100 thousand times. However, because Facebook Chat has not been able to bring any revenue for all its mSonar, mSonar or eventually choose to withdraw from the market.


launched 2 years ago, Facebook Chat has been praised by the majority of mobile phone users. Users can download the application from a number of application stores, including NOKIA Ovi Store to Getjar. For Facebook, the feature phone is a major challenge. Currently, the mobile phone market share is still as high as 76%, while the growth of Facebook is mainly from the popularity of mobile phone market, including Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, etc..

, however, although the huge amount of downloads of the application, Facebook officials have been reluctant to invest resources. Currently, Facebook Chat by the third party company mSonar management, mSonar has only a few servers can access the Facebook API, simply can not afford the huge user traffic Facebook Chat. Responsible for the Facebook Chat product manager, said that we can only deal with a limited number of parallel connections, can not afford too much server pressure.

due to the inability to create revenue for the company, the application manager mSonar revealed that it is possible to quickly give up Facebook Chat.

mSonar side said: want to make this platform in the Facebook application of their own profitability is simply impossible task." It is reported that, mSonar is still working with the Facebook to discuss matters relating to the rescue of Facebook Chat, but mSonar said the hope is not large, and they have done a good job to give up the preparation of these 1 million 400 thousand active users.

this, Facebook spokesman Derek · (Derick), said: as Facebook Chat control belongs to mSonar, so the development of commercial profit model should be the responsibility of mSonar Mains."

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