The day you need to know the nternet event

today is a good day, the first day of the festival, the work started down! In February 14, national recognized the child dog day! 70 years ago today, the electronic computer was born…… Maybe you are still immersed in the new year relaxed and happy, you may have to open the circle of friends sun loving, those distant dreams are still waiting for you in the distance.

new journey has been opened! In the new year, we must rely on ourselves to achieve better ourselves!

along with the small series of rationale for this period of time you need to understand the Internet "change".

this small holiday you may miss, and you need to know the important events:

sleight of hand, illegal fund-raising 50 billion e rent treasure of the Ministry of Public Security (the victim) investors open registration information Ministry of public security organizations to build the case of illegal fund-raising investor registration platform has been officially opened.

and the first e investors involved in the event of rent treasure open, the registration period is from February 13, 2016 to May 13, 2016.



$2 billion 800 million privatization


February 12th, Baidu announced that Robin Li and Gong Yu will acquire a 100% stake in Iqiyi, Iqiyi and Baidu since then, peel burn burned for 6 years.

Tencent said Iqiyi Baidu unloading technology will improve the operating margin, count off to go, Baidu operating profit margin increased 25%.

in addition, according to relevant sources, Iqiyi will seek the domestic market.


formerly known as art, April 22, 2010 formally launched

in August 2011 and in December, Baidu to $45 million to subscribe for the odd B preferred shares

November 3, 2012, Baidu acquired the shares held by the original Iqiyi

become the second largest shareholder of Providence, the largest single shareholder

2013, Baidu to $370 million acquisition of PPS, and let PPS with Iqiyi

November 19, 2014, Baidu Iqiyi introduced millet investment at the same time, an additional $300 million investment in Iqiyi

February 12, 2016, Baidu’s $2 billion 800 million privatization of Iqiyi.

February 14, 1946, the world’s first electronic computer was born


ENIAC (Electronic Numerical And Calculator>)

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