Forbes comments on China’s 8 leading innovative industries micro payment courier list

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on December 1st news, "the article said:" Forbes online edition of the journal, although China is famous for manufacturing factories, but also developed some amazing innovative products and services. Forbes list of China’s leading 8 other countries in the world’s innovation industry, micro payment, cheap smart machines, high-speed rail, etc..

the following is an abstract:

for a long time, China has always been famous for its manufacturing plants in the world. The evidence is ample: for example, in 2011, China produced 90% of the world’s PC, air conditioning, solar cells, solar cells, 74% of the mobile phone, about 70% of the total number of mobile phones in the world, by about 80%.

but part of the Chinese industry has also introduced some amazing innovative services and products. The following is the Chinese industry to meet the needs of the people, to promote innovation in the United States than other countries to do a better job of well-known rivals 8 industries:

1 micro payment

micro payment has become a standard in Western countries. Internet users in the apple iTunes store, candy crush legend and other games to buy virtual products for small payments. However, before the micro payment in the United States, this form of payment has been widely used in East asia. A wide range of piracy makes it difficult for companies to make money from games and software.

In contrast to

, China technology company providing games and network services free of charge, and then get to the personal content charge very low cost, such as help the game player to the next level of virtual sword. This business model not only helps companies generate revenue under conditions of rampant piracy, but also proves that in low-income countries, this model is more attractive.

2 e-commerce

Alibaba group in the fall of this year after the completion of a large and successful IPO in the United States, the prospects for China’s e-commerce market in the United States than ever before. Ali is an innovative company, eBay business model has been a lot of interesting changes to adapt to the Chinese market. One may China electronic commerce but the most innovative is more simplified and broad coverage in China, e-commerce scale basically has gone beyond the traditional retail industry, in the store before the modern consumerism to developing rural areas.

consumers outside China’s big cities are also moving quickly to online shopping, rather than physical stores. KPMG’s research data show that from 2009 to 2012, two or three lines and other small cities to help China’s e-commerce revenue grew by more than 70% per year.

3 express service

overall, the Chinese express service is flexible, fast and very cheap, so many friends in Shanghai to send a friend just baked cookies.

China express low price, high quality thanks to the prosperity of the electricity supplier business triggered fierce competition and higher demand for delivery, as well as low labor costs. As more Chinese go abroad,

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