Thousand Oaks group jointly Zhaopin business network to break the impasse

day before, are listed in the process of the two companies, Qianxiang interactive group and Zhaopin, jointly launched the first China commtech business network — graticule. Thousand Oaks Group official said the "Securities Daily", different from the traditional business networking sites, Jingwei network will business network with high quality, social search engine based on QA pattern integration, create high efficiency and high quality information privacy and social network, and ultimately trust and intelligence share.

BSNS value to be excavated

With the popularity of

SNS, BSNS (Business Social Networking Service) business network began to fast. SNS is different from the emphasis on entertainment, BSNS pay more attention to business communication. User groups more high-end, mature.

in fact, pure social relations business SNS in China has a precedent, but has been lukewarm. In the industry view, the success of social business in China is difficult to copy. After nearly four years of development, SNS for Chinese Internet users are no longer strange. But most people still put it in the entertainment attributes.

however, graticule is full of confidence to catch up from behind, trying to crack the BSNS problem. It is reported that, as the first Chinese commtech business network, Jingwei network relying on the highest quality information of its strong real name system and real-time interactive user groups, determined to let every occupation person communication links to become more productive, through the transfer of trust, professional intelligence and information sharing. With the Qianxiang interactive group and Zhaopin technology, strong financial strength and strong brand support, and constantly improve the service, create excellent brand business network.

Shu Wei Jingwei network responsible person to accept the Securities Daily "interview, believe that the reputation of the value evaluation, and between people and people and people with the help of the company and user interaction, and the company can get the three-dimensional display in longitude and online, to establish their own justice, credit and brand; dynamic commtech display that can create lifelong brand for the occupation of people and companies, to help users of social investment. From the beginning of April to carry out the "Company Day", then there will be online in latitude, from Fortune five hundred enterprises and domestic well-known companies through the home page of the form to meet with friends, at the same time, company executives will online users to answer questions.

BSNS is expected to become the enterprise Yellow Pages

, according to Shu Wei introduction, companies can create the company’s home page, set up a platform for the company to display. In addition, the company stock price, company news and real-time recruitment information, more features, company executives Zuozhen company homepage answer. In addition, the company can also be in the "group" and "Q & a", the establishment of the company and related industry topics, establish the status of the industry to attract more senior talent. It is reported that the brothers sticky web site "waterside pavilion" Qianxiang interactive group, has for the first time.

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