Guoxin office to investigate and deal with 110 jurisprudence site illegal account was closed 3300

Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Shi Jingnan) 20 reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, Guoxin office to carry out the "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action, since January this year, Guoxin office has prosecute pornographic websites 110, close relevant channels, columns 250, closed micro blog and WeChat, blogs, forums and other types of accounts more than 3 thousand and 300, shutting down more than 7 thousand advertising links, delete jurisprudence information of more than 20.

Guoxin Office official pointed out, Guoxin Office jointly with relevant departments to further promote the special action to stop the large portals focused on investigating porn marketing vulgar speculation phenomenon; focus on search engine sites pornographic information, a search that was the problem; we will focus on the mobile Internet dissemination of pornographic information. At the same time, to crack down on advertisements and provide links to pornographic websites, gaming sites such as the use of obscene and vulgar eye-catching pop, video website and literary website launched video vulgar and vulgar literature, dissemination of color in the application store and mobile client and vulgar information such as four sites of illegal behavior.

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