The national government website survey the wrong name leaders will be shut down


June 16, 2011, the Sichuan Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan Huili County Government website on the home page published an article entitled "the construction of Lixian high standard of rural highway" in the news, with obvious signs of photo synthesis. In the photo, three county leaders were "floating" over a highway, and the images showed that the leaders were "checking the newly built highway". The photo immediately after the publication of the hot friends, spoof, known as suspended". Then the Huili County Government set up micro-blog, confirmed that the photo does PS, and a public apology.

is only a map of the official website of

in mid December 2013, Fushun City, Fushun Tourism Bureau official website fire. This site is only a static picture, all the links can not be opened, was friends ridicule as the most cattle government website". Some critics believe that the government website "sleep", "zombie" phenomenon, some local government website to fool the competent units and non service people, the construction site as "not essential" homework "".


– Twin


in January 8, 2014 and May 4th, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City, Jianye district government website published entitled "Nanjing mayor Miu Ruilin to inspect the work of CBD incubators" and "Nanjing city party secretary Yang Weize to inspect the work of CBD incubators". Two reports in addition to date, different names and titles, format, content, and even punctuation are exactly the same.

3 points are exactly the same, the Secretary of the mayor is really united, the heart to a place to think." Some netizens commented.

– phone number XXX

in December 9, 2014, there are users because of the need to contact the Civil Affairs Bureau of Sichuan Jiangyang District in Luzhou City, opened in the Bureau’s official website and click on the contact us section, find the key part of the Bureau of telephone and mail were replaced by X. The reporter opened Luzhou City Jiangyang District Civil Affairs Bureau, the official website of the contact us page, the page of a total of three lines, second lines of complaint call and email, respectively 0830-xxxxxx and [email protected]

census covers a few million government websites, focusing on site availability, information updates, interactive response, etc.

Beijing News (reporter Li Dandan) in the future, governments at all levels will no longer be able to go to sleep. Yesterday, the general office of the State Council announced the first national government website to carry out the census notice, deployed from March 2015 to December, the national government website to carry out the first census.

Beijing News reporter learned that this is the first time in the country at all levels of government website thoroughly, the scope of the census and inspection efforts are unprecedented, covering tens of thousands of government websites, can be described as "to the national ministries, down to the local township". The focus of the survey is the availability of the site, information >

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