Foreign websites recommend MatchPuppy social networking sites based on pet dog dating

Beijing on April 25th news, according to foreign media reports, MatchPuppy is a pet dog looking for blind date social networking sites. At present, the service is limited to the New York area, according to the size of the pet dog, age and energy levels to match.

if you are a dog who can enter the website to find partners for their dog, through other dog owners to contact the city with dogs.

MatchPuppy co-founder Michael Chiang said the site was targeted for date for pet dog service, because he felt for his 3 year old Louis (Maltese dog) breeding object is difficult to find.


MatchPuppy web page (Tencent technology plan)


, after listening to the views of some friends and local dog owners, he decided to develop an online community for pet dog pairing, so MatchPuppy was born.

Michael Chiang said, in fact, we have such a market demand. Many dog owners are hoping to find playmates for their dog. MatchPuppy can also be used to help them to find the object, is also used to help the dog breeding."

in addition, for the social networking site groups include the departing dog who, when they go out for a long distance, you can find other people to take care of my pet dog in the platform.

users can list their puppies on the site and share information. Pet dog information includes dog size, breed, sex, age and energy levels. In addition, MatchPuppy is a picture based user interface, it can let the dog who effortlessly took their dog photos shared by Facebook and Twitter.

in addition, the social networking site also includes a park directory, users can find a more common species based on favorite park.

MatchPuppy officially launched in February this year, currently only five regions of New York, the company hopes to gradually expand to other city, including pet popular city of Losangeles, Miami, New Jersey and Boston etc..

is currently developing a mobile application. The company’s business model is based on the provision of advertising and targeted content to earn income for pet owners.

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