Comsenz launched 09 series Discuz template plug in plug in core innovation

the latest news, Comsenz (Comsenz) next week (June 15th) launched the "2009 annual community product template plug-in share contest, it’s Discuz! – core mechanism of the new community forum system will be officially announced.

For the first time held the 2009 annual

Comsenz community products share competition aims to share excellent template plugin template plugin, let more powerful author and ordinary author can share the joy of creation, let more Adsense benefit from the template plugin author sharing. According to official sources, the contest entries include Discuz templates, UCenter Home templates, SupeSite templates, Discuz plug-ins, etc..

Chinese as the largest Internet community platform and service provider, Comsenz launched Discuz! Community forum system, with more than 1 million users worldwide. Because it can adapt to the needs of large-scale network environment security high load Discuz! Community forum system has been widely applied to various industries, enterprises, government websites and media, telecommunications, finance and other professional website. The contest officially announced Discuz! New plug-in core mechanism has become the focus of this event.

Discuz! The new plug-in core is for the current Discuz! 7 plug – in function enhancements, but also Discuz. The new plug-in core will bring more convenience to the development direction and plug-in development, but also to the webmaster to install, uninstall plug-ins to provide a convenient, specifically embodied in the following aspects: the forum page commonly used multiple embedding point increase, convenient plug-in embedded, let the webmaster to modify the file from many troubles; plug-in installation and unloading can be directly in the background of Discuz! Background operation, let completely realize green forum plug-in; strengthen the plugin admin interface, plug and let forum functions; special themes, let the special theme of the forum will be more diversified; the official plug-in has its own language pack, the development of multi encoding multilingual plugin will be more convenient.

so far, Comsenz’s community China products have covered more than 70% market share, become in the world the largest number of users of community products provider. Comsenz’s UCenter Home as China market share of the first SNS software community, currently has more than 130 thousand site users. Fully open source SupeSite community portal system, has a strong community information aggregation function, is currently the highest market share of community CMS software. Comsenz’s community products in the user experience and interface design for a bold innovation, more members of interactive elements, provides more close to the user experience for web site operators, has become more and more community site choice. Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other large portals, Inc., Hua Jun software industry portal, CC>

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