The nternet second half after the past does not love to move forward

"let bygones be straight forward to Wang" is most often say, at different stages have different meaning of this sentence.


Internet second half

third session of the world internet conference just concluded, Wuzhen has returned to normal in the hustle and bustle, the brightest Internet business heavyweights also return to their respective fields, began the next journey. If the node of this Internet Conference as entrepreneurs in a complex, they for the future of the Internet development seems to have formed a consensus that the Internet has come in the second half.

The concept of

on the Internet "in the second half of this year," was first proposed in July by Wang Xing at the beginning, Wang Xing emphasized the "second half" is not only for Beauty Group reviews, but the "Internet plus", O2O, on the Internet, China on Chinese economy and the whole development process IT.

in 4 months after the Internet Conference, the concept is also like Wang Xing, has been recognized by the industry.

Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi during the world Internet Conference said that in the first half, the Internet, universal subsidies and free mode can not put all the.

Zhou Hongyi to the phone, for example, it believes that the hardware is free to sell or even lose money to sell the strategy is unhealthy, is no longer applicable, the future should not be the pursuit of cost-effective but differentiated and innovative.

Baidu CEO Robin Li made a statement on the Internet the next scene, which believes that the mobile Internet era has ended, this area will no longer have unicorn, the future opportunities in artificial intelligence.

can be seen from the chiefs of the description, in their hearts, the Internet has so far been at a turning point: an era has ended, another era is coming.

used to love

during the world Internet Conference, Wang Xing on the second half of the topic is also a detailed exposition.

Wang Xing said, since a year ago, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the concept of "Internet plus", he felt more and more "in the second half Internet plus" is actually the internet. Internet development in China for nearly 20 years, has reached an inflection point".

CNNIC data report shows that the number of Chinese Internet users are close to 700 million, while China’s population is 1 billion 360 million. Wang Xing believes that when users count half of the market, rely on the breadth and the number of users has not doubled, this does not mean that there is no room for growth, but the growth of the Internet to the next, from the breadth, from a purely user volume growth, change from depth, from providing a more comprehensive and in-depth services the growth of individual users, not the same as the original.

20 years ago, especially in the last 4 years, we can think of it as the first half of the internet. To >

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