Online education platform Craftsy is how to achieve an average of 1600 paid users



2010, John Levisay aware – online education market is far from saturated. Thus, the former eBay and ServiceMagic executives leave entrepreneurship, there will be today’s Craftsy, a professor of technology live video platform. Users can learn how to knit a sweater, learn how to make cakes and so on, but most of the courses here are paid, which is Craftsy’s way of profit. In May 2010, Craftsy got their angel funding, last year, the official website.

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online education in the past are some PPT with recording, but this is far from the best way of online education," Levisay said, "we want to create a real classroom and have the same magic online classroom, not only the teacher’s explanation, but also the interaction between teachers and students. And we find that there are many kinds of skills to learn. Prior to the work experience of eBay told me that people are particularly interested in the craft, so there will be a Craftsy positioning".

most Craftsy courses are in four hours to six hours, each class price of about 20-40 dollars, a little expensive, but there are more expensive. -Levisay said there was a part of the online course prices above $500, but there are still people who buy. Visitors can watch the video in the video to the inside of the teacher, can also see some problems teachers have to answer the answer, if you learn this lesson is not good, not remember the words, can see again.

Craftsy is the most popular subject (sewing or embroidery, can also be understood as) and smear on the cake will be the fastest growing course. And the students who study this course have an interesting phenomenon: almost all of them are women. 80% is over the age of 40 aunt, grandmother over the age of 61 accounted for 1/3. According to rough statistics, most of these students are passionate, quite rich, a bit strange, but are loyal customers." Levisay said.

in addition to video courses, Craftsy also provides a step-by-step workshops through the picture detail in the picture (workshop), and a supply of raw materials market, you can also buy fancy designed for someone in there. "Craftsy does not restrict the sale of any design style, because it encourages independent designers to submit more excellent works." Levisay explains the rules of market management.

while the video is the lecturer will regularly fly to the headquarters of the Colorado where Craftsy video recording, there will be fourteen courses recorded every month, as the instructors get >

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