Case analysis of a master mail marketing

said the occupation disease, I believe that all practitioners have this habit, if you are doing SEO, see a site, the first time is to check the ranking; if you engage in social marketing, micro-blog will be a hot topic you often focus on the headlines, for email marketing Er, open from the beginning of the mailbox for a moment, has entered the research status. Although the time in brother e-mail marketing message is not long, but still can not deny and my hobbies to master class mail, then I give you a letter of master class mail, look at how fun mailing




As shown in

, do not click on e-mail before, I guess it is spam, but even if I guess is the mass type of mail, but I still hit, partly because the occupation disease dictates, but more factors is temptation of headline: year-end bonus, distribution plan, the two keywords in an appropriate time to appear in front of me, my success is its marketing: late, we are more concerned about this, when I forwarded this email to my other 8 colleagues, obviously, they also contribute to the success of this email open rate


combined with the example of the mail can be seen: the title of the email and the current hot combination, then twice the result with half the effort!


content settings:

conventional bulk mail content directly on the template to write, but when I open the mail, is a blank, it will send an attachment, this much to my surprise, I was thinking: this message arrival rate and open rate already belong to the master level, next is the pursuit of super chain hits, mail content in general, or is the picture with the link attribute, or directly provide a URL, guide the user to click on the hyperlink, so as to achieve the purpose of mass.

Where is

its purpose for doing this? Isn’t it better to write directly in an envelope? Why make an unnecessary move to add attachments? It does so, not afraid of users close to leave


then I asked 3 of my colleagues, "did you download the attachment?" "of course!"

download more trouble, ah, the direct closure of the end of the year award allocation program, usually not all attachments?

this moment, I finally understand, this is a life of details, we usually send the year-end program personnel is sent in the attachment, which is more standardized, if directly on the envelope to write, I believe that this is not the year-end bonus allocation method, but the high hand into subtle observation and watch


can be obtained according to the contents of the message set: in line with the living habits, targeted.


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