See if your domain is still in your hand

Recently, tianyaclub xingxingxing was stolen, robbed, Microsoft also received the live domain name things really lively

there are many has been quietly occurrence and imminent. Domain name disputeIn this paper,

(source webmaster information) according to their own a little experience, I hope you look at your own domain state controlDon’t say you

now use a free domain name or 2 level domain name, the domain name or others

that is not in the scope. (many people use blog, nease or Sina Level 2 to do the wedding dress, people use other people’s cloth play okay, if you want to become a brand. Or register a domain name, don’t see tens of dollars, but the intangible assets, priceless drop)

if your site has been bigger, can have thousands of tens of thousands of IP, or to bigger and should pay more attention in the website,

you are not their own agency, now China million net net new entry channel agent is simple, the 1000 block can be a general agent, and the domain name is cheap, control in their own hands, not in some unfamiliar individuals or small domain name company, after the transfer of the domain name is very troublesome careful, careful. Previously encountered many such things, from small (a few) no reputable agency, it is necessary to chinakayao, or simply transfer out, before the purchase of a person in the business China domain, the 500 have been hit in the past, but the agency is not put out the domain name, transfer to my agent, no way, only to give up the domain name.

today Zaiquan, Beijing Chinese agent responsible for the new channel nets are familiar with me, contact me qq    470666

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