Wo Hui online platform preschool education received 150 million yuan B round of financing led Renai

Abstract: kindergarten Domain company competition, the channel is king.


April 18th, online and interactive platform for preschool Wo Hui announced the acquisition of 150 million yuan B+ round of financing, this round of financing by the Renaissance Kunzhong collar vote, good future education group with the investment fund industry, while the establishment of preschool education content. In June last year, Hui fertile completed 120 million yuan B round of financing for the construction of the national channel and platform content development.

this round of financing funds will be used for high quality content and teaching services, while domestic and kindergarten cooperation, the quality of kindergarten education resources, the establishment of the wisdom of kindergarten alliance. Wo Hui said, will not produce content, but play a connector role, connection quality content and users, help the two sides to establish a stable relationship, while continuing to B2B mode according to the content of the course per semester to kindergarten.

according to Hui wo CEO Zhang Kang said that at present the content of the fertile Hui from Taiwan, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other places, while baby as a carrier, the content will be introduced into the country’s 100 thousand classrooms. The future, Hui wo will establish preschool education system standard, "channel, technology, services, content" mode is copied to more kindergarten, the target is 10 million smart kindergarten construction within 5 years, 20 million children.

also announced the Hui wo has served more than 1 thousands, hundreds of thousands of teachers and about 2000000 parents of the kindergarten, there are more than about 80000000 dynamic communication launched last year on the baby.

2015, the kindergarten field startups frequently emerge, Hui Wo competing products Pui chat in January of this year for billions of dollars of RMB B round of financing, construction and family with the introduction of content resources of individualized education program, and Hui Wo is different, according to the C section of Bei chat is realized, in order to find personalized, high education program the quality of the.

conference, Jun linked capital executive director Shao Zhenxing said, from the current online education start-up company’s business model, many to C star companies are using subsidies to obtain the user, but Hui wo B2B2C model for customers more directly, this also and the field of early childhood education resources in colleges, the paying party is consistent in the parents "the situation.

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