The concept of hot cold thinking how to hit a wave of intelligent G spot


call expansion era, popular words have been diluted a lot. The hardware industry is immersed in a wave of intelligence, relying on intelligent concept products is blossom everywhere, not to mention mobile phone, washing machine, TV, cars, watches, Nishajuxia is inevitably uneven in quality.

smart products remain in the gimmick of narcissistic innovation, without really considering the user experience. Products such as smart light bulbs through APP control, although the color is gorgeous, but can also be used occasionally, for daily use is more trouble in the bedside lamp, put off, if you use the APP to complete the mobile phone network – – APP- APP- – find open lights off APP and a series of actions, such as intelligent hardware a big chicken ribs.

intelligent hardware from the lexical structure, hardware is the subject, while the intelligence is attributive, play an important role, so the rise of the concept of intelligent, like TCL and other old appliance manufacturers use intelligent products to the user experience, price and other aspects of optimization of innovation, is the most responsible. The old appliance manufacturers TCL has the "stride forward singing militant songs, – Volume – Horizon" as the theme of the conference is to showcase TCL in displaying the leading technology and industrial chain advantage in the field of research, so the strategy of TCL is very important to accurately feel the pulse of industry trends.

product portfolio matrix: perfect ecological closed-loop

intelligent tide. Various digital products have been innovation, for a company, especially the comprehensive strength of capital, production, marketing and other resources strong company, improve the product line, product portfolio matrix, build ecological closed-loop, will undoubtedly increase the anti risk ability, provide one-stop the service for the user.

to the TCL Conference on the product, for example, TCL multimedia, communications technology, home appliance industry group, Internet applications and services business group, the financial sector of the whole team involved. From the core business TV, to mobile phones, air conditioners, small appliances, smart kitchen, washing machines and other industrial chain. In view of the TCL old technology enterprise comprehensive strength in technology, industrial chain, especially for many years deep into the field of television, Internet TV, is still the leading industry. As of December 31, 2015, the number of active users of smart TV TV+ platform 11 million 925 thousand, the average daily active users reached 4 million 801 thousand, an increase of 111.6%. TCL smart TV around the video, education, games, life of the four vertical sub mature gradually.

strong product innovation capabilities and improve the strategic layout of the overseas market, has made TCL one of the most successful international operations of Chinese enterprises. In this year’s CES exhibition, TCL multimedia overseas vice president, business center general manager Wang Rulin said: "in the past 6 years, the business of overseas TCL compound growth rate of 43%, is one of the fastest growing of the whole group." Which >

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