Collusion of corrupt officials to eradicate rival rising supervisor deputy general arrested

3 years ago, an article entitled "Beijing cracked the country’s first case of intentional transmission of network virus," the news shocked the country. Who did not think it was rising antivirus software giant company with Beijing City Public Security Bureau supervisor Commissioner for soldiers to suppress competitors trumped up case. At present, Yu Bing has been Beijing City Commission for Discipline Inspection investigation, vice president Zhao Sizhang has been arrested rising.

request except "deep hatred"

Liu Xu

, Rising antivirus software of the original designer and inventor, resigned from Beijing rising Polytron Technologies Inc directors general manager and chief engineer two years later, in January 2005 founded the Beijing Oriental point information technology limited liability company.

reported that the former Beijing city public information network security supervision bureau director Yu Bing, is at the beginning of July 2005 to accept the company’s request, the instructions of others "eradicate" Oriental point company.

in August 2005, the troop deployment to Beijing people think Matt Management Consultants Ltd. and Beijing capital-bridge securities Limited by Share Ltd, the company was investigating computer "virus infection and cause losses, by two companies were issued false evidence by the loss of 100 thousand yuan.

August 27th, to confirm that the Trojan virus from the two company to check is spread out from the deputy general manager of the company Yakui Oriental point in the field of notebook computer, for the soldiers and let others call virus experts will prompt experts confirm".

August 30th, the network at the "suspected of intentionally spreading computer viruses causing serious consequences" Tian Yakui criminal detention. Due to the lack of reporting materials, after the soldiers and directs others to Beijing and the other 3 antivirus software company to do the work, so that the 3 companies were issued false "virus outbreak report material, in order to identify Tian Yakui constitute the crime of destroying computer information system" and "the crime of infringement of commercial secrets".

September 6, 2005, the national computer virus prevention products testing center received letters, to micro company involved in the case on the grounds, blocked the listed right antivirus product.

The case is entirely cleared. involve a case in the case of

May 2007, Liu Xu reported to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security and other relevant departments of the state, has been highly valued.

Find out the discipline inspection organs of

in Beijing City, "Oriental point computer virus propagation case" is the transfer of manufacturing false report, false loss, fake identification and other evidence of a trumped up case.

November 20, 2007, Tian Yakui in custody for 11 months and 12 months after the bail, Beijing Haidian District city procuratorate made the decision not to prosecute the. In February 2008, micro software finally got blocked for nearly 3 years of sales license.

July 2008, the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to reflect on real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, soldiers and others are favoritism and other issues. It is found that the soldiers suspected of accepting bribes, rising company by taking advantage of public corruption.

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