Taobao store owner over a long period of frequent overwork death want to stop can not stop

Tian Qing joked: "I put it to Taobao."

opened his eyes every day, didn’t even have time to wash, it is customary to open the computer, log on its own shop. Want to upload a sound with "tingle", they passed swiftly, and a network of potential buyers in the space of dialogue. To eat, to call family and friends, even to wash bath, can only seize every opportunity, make full use of fragments of time, but long time, they need to take care of the tedious and mechanical shop business: "decoration" for the new pavement, take pictures, check the goods, defective P plans, orders, picking, packing, shipping, return the goods……

Taobao number of more than one million market stores, busy behind the rush, the vast majority of such ants are small sellers. In the 11· 11 e-commerce feast before the arrival of the reporter with the text and the camera recorded the small shop sellers almost every day, such as one day, 24 hours working state. "Taobao manager", this seemingly simple occupation, only engaged in personal sorrow and joy people can really understand.

[1: three case crown store manager Yue


3 in the morning to sleep 17 hours is common overload

– 10:05

take advantage of the light to take pictures of the new

at 10:05 on the morning of October 31st, mobile phone alarm sound several times to work at 3:30 in the morning, Yue (a pseudonym) reluctantly opened his eyes. After a simple wash, she rushed to a high-rise apartment building in the north near the Bund.

opened the door, a sunny room south. Two "90" customer service at Yue smiled, but did not stop, crackling percussion keyboard. "Ding Dong" sound every time sounded, said users visit Yue Open women’s shop.

This is the Yue

apartment rented office when shop, see the sun well, Yue decided in the south of the room for the new preparations. A large mirror, two professional flash, forty or fifty new clothes, the room is arranged into a simple studio. Yue put a piece of clothes and accessories with good, set the angle, is half kneeling on the ground for new photos. She also made a cameo appearance in the overall dress collocation model.

Yue three crown shop selling women’s clothing, a buyer of a jeans to my girlfriend and asked him to provide the size of customer service. The buyer was a bit impatient, only to get girlfriend’s height and weight, customer service explained, if not bought the right to return, both parties take much effort. Under the persuasion of the customer service, the buyer did not order the next time, said to go back to ask girlfriend.

call to report this to the Yue, some worry: "this person is not a bad teacher?" but the analysis Yue and call down, that is not bad teacher, Yue asked the customer service, if buyers advice, must be patient "

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