P2P credit card cash into new tools user month million Yuangong line in the move

P2P, a new tool: the user credit card cash month million Yuangong line caught

TechWeb June 15th reported text / Xiao Fang

I have 12 credit cards, each month to withdraw $700 thousand in more than and 10 P2P investment platform, the average income per month can have tens of thousands of dollars." Zhang is not proud to pass his financial experience.

survey found that, like Mr. Zhang, through the credit card cash to invest in P2P few people, especially young people do not have enough money. Big data platform GEO set of data released recently by the Austrian polymerization show that P2P users, 4.6% of people search for a high risk of default vocabulary. Among them, how to credit cards and credit card malicious overdraft judgment criteria accounted for the highest, respectively, 40.7%, 30.9%.

survey of nearly 20 well-known P2P companies as a sample, analysis of the past year, the use of 100 million users, involving North and East china. This means that there are more than 3 million of these users in the user thought or is through credit card cash investment P2P 100 million.

in the user view, using credit cards for 40 to 50 days of interest free period, select the project loan period is short of investment, make money repayment two not mistake, it is "Why not?". Credit card users to invest in cash P2P really become a profitable new world


ICBC and other major banks are now loopholes

it is understood that the credit card cash investment P2P mainly has two ways: one is directly to the P2P net loan platform account recharge, choose to support credit card payment; two is the use of third party payment agencies loopholes, using credit card recharge, cash funds P2P.

the first method to operate the most easily, and ICBC, China Construction Bank and other large banks in the mainstream P2P platform are such loopholes exist. The second method because each of the third party payment agencies found vulnerabilities are promptly repaired, the difficulty of cash increase.


TechWeb is a leading P2P website on the test. The platform supports China Merchants Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank and other 11 banks recharge. Among them, the bank’s credit card using U shield can be single, unlimited daily transfer (maximum credit limit). The Construction Bank credit card and bank regulations almost as loose, use the browser certificate, daily maximum transfer 5000 yuan (a small amount of credit and the use of U), Po, daily maximum transfer 500 thousand yuan (with a smaller credit in).

and China Merchants Bank credit card transfer policy is a single 500 yuan, the maximum daily use of the certificate of credit line. Several other banks can also use credit card recharge, recharge rules and the rules of the above three banks >

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