mprove the site user experience 30 unique creative design of the 404 error page

novel error pages can retain users to guide users to continue to browse other content. 404 pages also have some special purposes, such as public service ads to promote the content of the site itself, the 404 page is also an aspect of improving the user experience of the site. Below to share with you the 30 unique 404 error page design templates.

1 Octopus


2 Robotik


3 Monster error page illustration



4.404 Error Template


5 Free HTML 404 Error Template


6 Cloud 404 Page


7 Free Broken PSD Page


8 PSD Error Pages


9 Professional Error Website Template



10.404 Error


11.404 Error Page Design


12 Fresh Error Template



13 Green Board 404 Error


14 Missing Jigsaw Piece


15 No Signal 404 Error Page

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