Tencent of new beta micro groups or WeChat washing tool

recent Tencent crackdown on some of WeChat’s marketing behavior is growing, while micro-blog also prohibits users to promote WeChat public accounts on micro-blog. All the measures appear to make some people jittery, even some people out of the negative growth of WeChat. However, in April 11th the circle of friends, steps to use training founder Liu Ding discovered Skynet screenshots show Tencent new micro groups on the inside, it seems after WeChat, Tencent will probably have another new social product to the rivers and lakes.


with the same simple interface style, QQ and WeChat two landing, located on the side to find like-minded friends, to create micro group, micro search group, touch and other functions. In addition to invite friends can also access from QQ and WeChat friends, also can touch to find friends, micro group successfully created for people in the vicinity of visible, the biggest bright spot is the number of micro groups without limit, the number corresponding to the search range is greater from the 5KM to the same city. The group is divided into 6 levels, the highest level of certification, the number of unlimited, the search area of the city. The application of similar QQ group, is located in the stranger or semi human social. It is reported that the new product will be the latest one month at the latest three months on the line.

with the development of WeChat, WeChat, a large number of users in different ways of self marketing, self built business, began to build their own user, customer value system. Although WeChat officials have been adjusted by some policies on the state of WeChat, but WeChat has been out of control and controllable state swing growth.

April 4th, WeChat has introduced a series of new regulations against marketing behavior, followed by the emergence of new micro groups online, have to make people think that, in addition to the micro group accelerated detonated mobile terminal social, is also a means of Tencent is likely to let WeChat more "pure" and separate the users of WeChat marketing behavior? Then the marketing behavior when most users to transfer more suitable for micro marketing platform group, Tencent also intends to open at the same time if the "marketing behavior on the user’s Micro groups, marketing behavior undoubtedly will be temporarily suppressed soaring on the platform.

WeChat recently on the marketing behavior of a series of pressure and micro-blog WeChat running, some enterprises caused some of the WeChat third party service providers do not trust, perhaps will be restored and even more effective in this group of micro products come out. Such as micro purchase easy so that the current growth of good WeChat third party service providers, may also be in the micro group after this product comes out of the platform and the opportunity to get the opportunity to pay considerable money. Micro goodit founder Zheng Zequn said he is looking forward to the "micro groups" of this product, WeChat relatively closed micro marketing environment, the group function is measured to make people feel more open, micro marketing needs such a relatively more independent black horse long oppressed.

industry analysts said, the reason that this may be measured Tencent products, will become micro marketing growth of hope, is mainly the product once online may become micro marketing for >

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