Sina VS hoopchina com portal and vertical portal battles 2


] Sina NBA channel to guide the community as a model driven portal community transformation;, to the transition from closed to open community portal. Both the same. With the signing and commercialization of new cooperation agreement between Sina and NBA, the two users in the future will also become more intense competition. This war is the traditional portal of victory, or vertical portal The Legendary Swordsman? What do you think of


, not surprisingly, in June 13 on a three year contract of the right to live just ended soon after Sina and NBA could not wait to talk again for a new cooperation plan, wider range, and further puts forward to channel NBA community as a template, to bring more and more the old portal to achieve transformation. (see "titanium media previously reported with NBA, Sina micro-blog"

portal nurturing community)

coincidentally, in recent years, another major beneficiary of NBA influence in the country to expand – Tiger bashing network, is steadily moving in a closed community to open the door to the transformation of the road. To some extent, their respective transformation which let the two domestic Internet industry from the recent NBA resources like the two column before the game player, head of the train, gradually move closer.

"a bird in hand" Sina

is said to be in order to talk about Sina and NBA’s new contract, but spent a lot of money 2-3 billion dollars, which is the main body of the exclusive right to broadcast events.

won the right to broadcast means that in the next few years, sina is still the most easy to make money on the NBA website. Because the content of the game regardless of where to go is a scarce resource: ESPN President John Skipper said, only to promote the real broadcast business".

in addition to their own channels on live events, ESPN will focus on events and made a lot of program content, and then put these digital content back to the user (such as "Sport Science" this is such a hot homemade program). In the future, whether it is in order to attract users or engage in sports video marketing, to match the content of the two levels of development, live and other "hardware" links, Sina still need to continue learning (Tucao one, more than and 10 years, the home of so many sports programs will be "world soccer" look down).

"a bird can let Sina NBA do the" feast "in hand", but rely on the game broadcast rights to profit, after all, is a very "extensive" thing, it is easy to turn into a simple contest between broadcast and sports broadcasting cost: mainly depends on your advertising sales ability to catch and throw off the rising cost of broadcast.

that’s why sina is trying to find other ways to maximize the benefits of the paper.

"micro-blog nurturing portal" needs to solve the problem of

contract in addition to the basic right to broadcast the game, but also contains the mobile terminal, tour >

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