Rose to fame 48 yuan Wang domain name is Wang netizen berserk

.WANG since open enrollment, enrollment soared, according to the international authoritative statistics Organization ( statistics show: just half a month, at the opening of the new top-level domain in their row seventh.

three reasons for.Wang to become famous:

first of all, the registration of the zodiac for the.WANG domain name is very good, regardless of trump card domain name or positioning as "network" or "Wang" is very meaningful;

second, so good domain name, registered companies would like to take this opportunity to make a small brush or a brand, so the price is particularly low, such as the linkage of the world domain name is only 48 yuan, the current price in the industry is the lowest;

finally, WANG domain name for "natural end user surname, the registration bureau broke the news, now have.WANG domain name, for" King "name the name of the domain name, this phenomenon is actually a rule-based, Wang China first surname, nearly a million people, the name of domain name market potential.

diversification of the application of.Wang as the king surname and born

.Wang domain was made for reasons mainly Wang in the application of the above, Wang as an individual, domain name application can do is simple and convenient, therefore, the application will become the mainstream.Wang, will lead the.Wang into a new round of the peak register:

first,.Wang domain name can be used for personal websites, such as: personal blog, personal space, website content maintenance is very simple, only one person will be able to maintain the site.

second, Wang domain name can also be used to do online business cards, such as: personal biography, personal photos, backpackers and cycling family can be used to make personal travel notes, some lecturers used to do personal courses, etc..

general: whether the Registrar or investors or clients are very optimistic about the.WANG as "the king" is the name of the user market, because the current price is.Wang com with the price almost, very close to the people, whether it is for individual users or business users, there are no financial obstacles, so that the application will be very wide.

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