Baidu to respond to post bar delete posts the Department of the initiative to report the release of

September 17th news, for the stick before the staff charges delete posts, Baidu today responded that the case of the Department of Baidu initiative to report filing, and announced the disclosure of e-mail [email protected]

recently, two former Baidu employees because of the post will be deleted posts profit, was arrested in Beijing, Haidian prosecutors to non national staff bribery, involving a total of $67400. In Baidu’s internal investigation process, Baidu confirmed illegal facts there are two suspects employees, preliminary judgment involving criminal law has been touched, immediately to the police report the facts of the crime, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian branch accepted the case.

Baidu to "charge delete" to the "zero tolerance" attitude, on the one hand from the system management focus on investigation, strict blocking loopholes, on the other hand, socially oriented publicity, to avoid users become victims, maintain the normal order of the Post Bar. According to Baidu’s occupation moral construction department responsible person, from the beginning of the second half of 2011, Baidu dragnet investigation to "charge delete" irregularities ", launched several special investigation. For the case of the intermediary fees to delete posts more rampant, Baidu adjusted the operating strategy, strict audit, and the use of technical means to conduct regular inspections, found suspicious circumstances involved in the investigation.

In the

organization, Baidu first in the industry set up a full-time post internal discipline management, internal unfair interests. In order to further strengthen the power, in 2011, Baidu under the "Baidu occupation ethics committee", the formal establishment of occupation moral construction ", core members of enterprises engaged in internal audit, prosecutors, police and other professional occupation. As a full-time staff of Baidu to regulate employee behavior, effectively fulfill the obligations of the listed company’s internal control.

Baidu professional ethics Department official made it clear that resolutely crack down on any of the charges on the Baidu platform delete posts, welcome to the public through the [email protected] mail expose. Baidu will cooperate with public security, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments to crack down on illegal acts, according to the legal responsibility of criminals. (strong)

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