Ali integration Taobao Tmall Juhuasuan Tmall CEO why was free

introduction: Recently, the Alibaba Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan will unify the three platform, but why Taobao president took office, President of Tmall

is free?


March 6th, Alibaba group’s Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan unified planning and management, integration of Alibaba China retail platform".

is accompanied by personnel changes. The media was informed that in March 8th, Alibaba Group has issued a notice of appointment and removal of personnel: President Zhang Jianfeng will serve as the platform for people to report, group COO Zhang Yong. At the same time, Wang Yulei’s position as president of Tmall. Juhuasuan has been incorporated into Tmall, and therefore did not involve changes in personnel.

China retail platform, the reference, the first appeared in the listing prospectus Alibaba. This was a person in charge, the Alibaba said it will strengthen the resource integration and unified planning between the various platforms, and to strengthen and protect the organizational form.

three unified platform, why Taobao president took office, Tmall president was free

took office when Tmall met ceiling

reporter learned that, in March 2014, Wang Yulei was promoted to President of Tmall. Previously, this position is now held by Ali COO Zhang Yong.

According to

, Wang Yulei has served as Alibaba business and marketing manager,, senior director of Tmall vice president and general manager of amoy.

Wang Yulei took office early, Tmall is facing the ceiling partly hidden and partly visible growth.

April 2014, Wang Yulei Tmall in the 2014 strategy conference said, "today’s Tmall has come to the reform of the deepwater area, able to attract consumers are attracted to, simply relying on the demographic dividend and e-commerce has seen a bottleneck. China in the next ten years, it is impossible to do electricity supplier, like when the previous year, the whole of China is your consumer."

year, Wang Yulei for Tmall brand fashion, industry vertical, member value, wireless personalization, service layering of the five strategic directions.

June 2014, Tmall home page revision, highlighting the fashion tonality, new starter, Electrical City, beauty, clothing and other vertical industries are focused. The last revision took place in 2012.

2014 "double eleven" on the eve of Wang Yulei staff letter said, "this year, Tmall experienced a lot, no matter what kind of change, I saw a down-to-earth team never yield in spite of reverses."

‘s last appearance in the report, in January 22, 2015, Ali service providers annual meeting. Wang Yulei recalled that in 2014, Tmall business from the past staking type development, into a fine operation, and referred to the introduction of the five major strategies of Tmall in 2014, will not change in 2015."

poor performance of punishment? "

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