Bird Luantan women die practical joke


today is April Fool’s sake, Admin5 early in the morning on the release of a lot of fool’s Day message, and the webmaster also in the QQ group are open small, not very funny joke to make fun of.


I feel stationmaster life really is very monotonous, remember when the last Christmas, a professor of Beijing University also publicly criticized the social psychology of the blind pursuit of Christmas is not healthy, honest, Chinese live very tired, but some do not Zhongyang foreign festivals can be adjusted appropriately, but also I don’t know when to ease the heart depressed.


speaking of stationmaster of anguish, in addition to advertising, IDC, may be most concerned about is the feelings of life, because many owners are full-time do stand, at home time is far more out of the contact time, the single circle is heavy to master the narrow scope of the emotional life, female webmaster in circles less and less, and are not known, there is a foreigner originally eBay CEO is a woman, but the old and bitter, also recently returned, even on the Internet popular saying: "women do, certainly not good" but today in the Admin5 article: "girls do the station is actually very easy, stand in a female webmaster’s point of view, to see another piece of the sky is very broad.


girls do, a great advantage, as long as the audience is not so sorry, there is usually a male compatriots thousands of enthusiastic initiative to solve problems, but also can not be too utilitarian, think of themselves as women everywhere ask, do not expect what you can get a lot of help and resources, is very basic may the bird remember this year just opened, there was a girl with me, it is the first sentence: "I am a woman, can help me do the promotion?" And I said: "why do you want to help you," replied: "I really was a woman Oh", then I directly drag the black -_-#.


Admin5 slide updated very frequently, today the first is a tutorial article: "webmaster how to succeed? Study on the

website "die


read carefully, the author found the actually very classic: discipline does not update the contents of the die, die, die acquisition station, station a reminder to the webmaster friends in the summary position, don’t walk 07 years old dumpster, acquisition station, or electronic commerce, product, or you do fine.


from 07 years of content is king, to the service of the king for the past 08 years, as the webmaster of us, or to follow the flow of continuous progress, if you do not make adjustments, will die in the development of the halfway. Do not you see Baidu a little adjustment, is condemning Admin5, the most precisely the small station.

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