Alipay ghost was caught stealing and selling information to where customers are the biggest buyers


November 27, 2013, electricity suppliers engaged in work of Zhang Jian because of alleged illegal access to personal information of citizens ", and by the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of West Lake branch of criminal detention, detained in Hangzhou City Detention Center, Zhenhua Road three.

Zhang Jian incident, by Li Ming (sound) pull. The technical staff Li Ming Department of Alibaba owned Alipay, which will use the work in 2010, several times in the company background download Alipay user data, data content over 20G. Li Minghuo with two associates, and then the user information sold to the electricity supplier companies, data companies.

by the Alibaba integrity department found out, download the Alipay user data or acts of Li Ming, and in Hangzhou. The police in the city of Hangzhou Tsui police station as the main body, the four will be controlled. The first suspect Zhang Jian gang Li Ming Department of customers ", the price of 500 yuan, purchased 30 thousand Alipay user information from Li Mingchu.

according to Li Ming confession, the biggest buyers of Alipay users Department of clothing companies, spend lots of money from the Li Ming Gang purchased Alipay user information 10 million. However, one was released on bail after Li Ming had contact with the person said, "just VANCL said, Li Ming’s testimony, this does not exclude the possibility of fraud, there is no actual purchase VANCL, finally the police found by."

said the evening of January 2nd, a vice president of the Economic Observer newspaper: "VANCL don’t know anything about it, never heard of." Jiao Hongyu, director of public relations, said, if the police need, we will actively cooperate."

Alipay has confirmed that the internal staff in case of stealing and selling user information at the same time, more reluctant to express opinions.

as of press time, the case is still under investigation, police in charge of criminal cases to court officer Chen Wei (sound) said to disclose the progress of the case. Currently, Zhang Jian and Li Ming in bail state. The evening of January 2nd, the reporter called Zhang Jian phone, which means that before the official police deal with the program came out, he did not want to mention the matter.

"The ghost" stealing and selling

2010, Zhang Jian in Hangzhou, a company engaged in electricity supplier, responsible for brand operations and promotion. Because the working relationship with former Alipay employee Li Ming, the two sides began to have a "business" on cooperation. In a cooperation, Li Ming owed Zhang built 500 yuan reward.

finally, this 500 yuan without actual payment, by mutual consultation, Li Ming provides 30 thousand target consumer information to Zhang Jian as the "off". That is to say, Zhang Jianjin to 500 yuan price, from Li Mingchu "buy" won the 30 thousand Alipay user information.

Zhang Jian purchased the Alipay user information, including personal real name, mobile phone, e-mail, home address, consumer records, from these.

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