To replace Office’s mobile office tool Quip financing 30 million

[Abstract] all users and usage, 60% from the computer side, the phone from the end of the 40%, 12% from the tablet PC.

Tencent technology news in the personal computer era, Microsoft’s Office become synonymous with office software. But in the PC Internet era, Google (micro-blog) Office suffered a strong challenge to Docs, and in the mobile Internet era, there are some new leading office software company to replace Office.

, a mobile office software company Quip, received a $30 million investment in the United States well-known Vc firm. It is reported that the founder of the software was once the chief technology officer of Facebook and Google maps of the early developers, called technology".

technology news site VentureBeat reported, Quip from the Greylock benchmark capital and received a total of $30 million, the two are famous venture capital, obviously these VCs think in the field of mobile office, Microsoft has not yet formed a strong position, companies still have living space.

Quip born for mobile devices, users can in the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and other equipment on the document, spreadsheet, presentation slides making process, in addition to working with colleagues between mobile chat function.

in office functions, Quip has the ability to replace Microsoft Office software. Surprisingly, after obtaining a certain number of users on the mobile device, the company also reverse into the computer market, apple and Windows systems highlighted the computer version of office software.

According to

reports, in early 2014, Quip 80% users from the mobile device, but with the computer version of the software release, in July this year, Quip users of mobile devices and computer users accounted for about half of their. According to the company executives revealed that all users and usage, 60% from the computer side, the phone from the end of the 40%, from the tablet PC 12%.

according to the American mainstream news media reports BusinessInsider, who founder of Quip, named Taylor (Bret Taylor), served as chief technology officer in the social networking giant Facebook, led the development of point like button, also in Google, was famous in the early developers of Google maps.

is reported that Taylor has a great ambition, is to replace the status of Microsoft Office on mobile devices.

Taylor also stressed that, in the mobile Internet era, the traditional office software thinking has lagged behind, the user needs not only the software tools to make text documents, spreadsheets, business colleagues, more needs to focus on the project or document, frequent communication and cooperation.

obviously, Taylor thinks Quip’s mobile phone >

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