What will your site attract users

is now the era of personal home page, as long as the Internet, the shuttle must be in the streets of others. Admittedly, these sites the excellent website is worth mentioning meet the eye everywhere, but It is often seen. Obviously, whether it is the site builders or users, we are in urgent need to know where a good website, then what is a good site?


no matter what time, must bear in mind: user priority. No user visit, where the website significance? You may use ISDN, may also use the high-speed line, but you must know that most people or by Modem dial-up, sometimes traffic congestion is very serious, this is to consider. When you’re done, you’d better check it yourself.


must take into account the user’s browser software, if you want to let all people have no barriers to see your home page, then do not use only part of the browser support HTML format or procedural skills. If you want to show your skills and don’t want to give up some of the potential audience, can consider several different viewing mode options are set at the home page (such as text mode, Frame mode, Java mode, etc.) for the visitors to choose.

home page and content

home page is the face of the site, the importance of self-evident. In addition to beautiful, it is best to be on the first page of the nature and content of the site to make a brief description, so that people at a glance. In the design, it is best to uphold the principle of clean and refreshing, if there is no need, try not to place a large picture file or improper procedures. Although the home page is important, but the content is always the first, please remember that any content, including text, pictures, images, sound, must be related to the site to provide information. The classification of the content is also very important, no matter what kind of classification method, let the visitors can easily find the target. In addition, in the next or next line of each category option, it is best to add a brief description of this option.


Internet is an important feature of interaction. A good home page must have a good interaction with the viewer, and it is felt that every step of his home is properly received. If necessary, you can add a E-mail mailbox to express ideas to increase interactivity. If you want someone else to find your site through search, don’t forget to add a keyword string for the search in the Title command.

image application

pictures have eye-catching, attractive and message function, good image will make the page considerably, we must consider the problem but the use of picture transmission time. According to statistics, users can tolerate the longest waiting time is about 90 seconds, if your home can not be in this period of time transmission and display is completed, it is very likely that he will turn away relentlessly, use the picture, try to use.

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