Baidu library official version of the line a year to remove hundreds of thousands of infringing docu

yesterday, Baidu held the first anniversary of Baidu library and the official version of the online conference. Zhu Guang, senior director of Baidu’s marketing and public relations for the first time to respond to the question of piracy, and revealed that it will actively explore the depth of cooperation with copyright parties to share the interests of the model.

library education documents accounted for 80%

According to Zhu Guang

, Baidu library launched the original intention and the future focus is education, information and knowledge sharing, through the excellent lesson plans, all kinds of education document sharing, Baidu library become an important national online education market share platform. At present, the product has been uploaded by the user more than 10 million copies, of which educational documents accounted for 80% of the entire library traffic also has about 80% from the education documents to browse and download.

yesterday, the national Ministry of Education Department of international cooperation and exchanges, education counselor Xu Ming official information management center of the Ministry of education Dong Jing attended the conference, and affirmed the positive role in the field of education Baidu library.

delete hundreds of thousands of copies of infringing documents

in an interview with reporters after the meeting, the media attention focused on Shanda literature and part of the author’s copyright infringement lawsuit against Baidu and questioned.

CEO of Shanda literature Hou Xiaoqiang had blasted Baidu library, called cancer network literature, there are a large number of pirated works. Zhu said yesterday the main content of Baidu library focused on the field of education, literature content accounted for only about 8% of the total number of documents, the flow also accounted for only about 10% of total traffic from Baidu, not for this flow to copyright infringement.


product director Li Jian said that even if the 8% literary content, also is active in public works, the author try to upload and "a dream of Red Mansions" etc. have been copyrighted works. For suspected infringement of the works, Baidu has a very good complaint channels, you can ensure that within 48 hours of infringing works to do the deletion. Library on-line over the past year, has removed hundreds of thousands of such documents.

off the library can not solve the piracy problem

Zhu Guang said, if the Baidu library closed, China’s online literature piracy problem is solved, not on the library, may be more on other sites. I just think that the birth of the library today, the issue of piracy of the Internet literature, provides a solution to the opportunities and possible."

Zhu Guang revealed that Baidu has a strong liquidity and related search capabilities, so it can bring considerable benefits to the work. Baidu is very sincere and all copyright parties to explore the interests of sharing and other issues in-depth cooperation. If there is some misunderstanding in the past and the copyright side, I think we do not communicate in place."


Shanda welcome Baidu position

yesterday, has formally sued Baidu’s grand literary legal director Chen Mingfeng told reporters that the grand literary prosecution against Baidu search results in the piracy link site, rather than Baidu text

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