Baidu direct number directly to the forefront of corporate marketing

in the Internet era, marketing is the most important way of enterprise development, more and more enterprises begin to use online marketing way to accumulate flow, at the same time, through the conversion, the realization of consumer value flow conversion better recently, in the Baidu meeting once a year, Baidu released the latest "direct number of products and carry out strategic cooperation with WeChat sea, enterprises through this form of platform can achieve better effect and pull more customers, which will open a new chapter in marketing, has become the most important platform for direct marketing frontier.

traffic direct platform

WeChat sea platform itself with a professional WeChat public platform, enterprises can flow through WeChat’s cluster to get more flow continuously for the development of corporate marketing, and the integration with the Baidu direct number will be accumulated for more traffic, Baidu itself as the Internet search engine is the largest traffic entrance one of the direct number will flow through enterprises gathered here, to facilitate the enterprise in the marketing process for the traffic flow and the need for more enterprises to direct the further development of the flow and transformation value potential, especially the virtual mobile Internet platform, is an important force in business development.

direct mobile marketing

direct number on the field of mobile Internet, for the mobile Internet, the Internet is more common, it is found that the statistics of the 58 media advertising alliance as of December 2013, China Mobile Internet users reached 652 million, and the 4G license also ignited new hope operators occasion 4G redefine the industry competition situation, is bound to further rapid growth drive volume of mobile Internet users. These have become the key factors of mobile internet marketing in addition, enterprises are actively using the mobile Internet for their "up", through the development of the mobile Internet to better their own marketing, direct use of mobile marketing trends, better will flow together to the enterprise, and the precision of the operation flow of rich enterprise let the traffic, high conversion efficiency, better able to demonstrate the potential for the development of enterprises.

full range of direct service

full range of direct marketing is Baidu direct number of the biggest bright spot, especially the direct number has the characteristics of wide pull new, high conversion, strong retention, easy to open, for new customers and mining by mining will continue to flow into value, the most important thing for the enterprise is a kind of convenient the service, the full range of mobile marketing service mode, will be more of a stand in the position of the enterprise and the angle, through to the consumer flow, reasonable control of consumers and consumption habit to flow, accurate online crowd investment and high conversion value as the basis, through cooperation with WeChat this summary of the sea, the maximum problem of online marketing, this one-stop service for enterprises to obtain more satisfactory marketing services.

direct number and WeChat sea cooperation will be

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