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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 10th news, according to foreign media reports known as the world’s largest BT website the Pirate Bay this week by the Swedish law enforcement agencies raid review, large number of servers, computer and other equipment were seized. The portal site was down for hours.

Tuesday morning, the Swedish police raided the Pirate Bay, a server room, and seized multiple servers and computers, and seized the reason of infringement. Earlier, there have been media reports, several major Hollywood film company has obtained a court injunction to force the closure of the Pirate Bay (The Pirate Bay).

the Pirate Bay is a specialized storage, classification and search BT seed sites, and claiming to be the world’s largest BT server (BitTorrent tracker) seed, BT seed in addition to provide copyright free collection, there are many authors claim that owns the copyright of audio and video, computer application software and electronic games for the network, share and download the center of. Therefore, the Pirate Bay has repeatedly been banned. In March 2013, the Pirate Bay claimed to have received a virtual asylum from the North Korean government.

At the beginning of the creation of

, Pirate Bay is only a small site supported by four Linux servers. From then on, it will uphold the spirit of sharing Internet freedom, and hinder the forces from all sides, the extremely hard and bitter struggle. Government prosecution, DDoS attacks, operators blocked, domain name hijacking, in short, you can think of a variety of Internet attacks, Pirate Bay have experienced.

in the Internet world, the Pirate Bay is undoubtedly one of the most stringent review site. The world court ordered Internet service providers to prevent users from accessing the seed website. The pirate bay website has been struggling with governments and anti piracy organizations all over the world for many years, and its data centers have been moved many times, but few cases have been closed down (in May 2006).

seized a large number of servers in May 2006, when the Swedish police raided the data center of the Pirate Bay, providing services to more than and 100 sites. However, the raid did not have a great impact on the Pirate Bay, in less than three days, the Pirate Bay reopened, and due to the world’s media response and produced a large number of new users. Since then, the site has been operating normally, no major interruption.

proved that Pirate Bay never stopped growing. On the contrary, the Pirate Bay on the BT news website Torrentfreak said that since 2011, the number of visits to the site has doubled the number of users. Although the Pirate Bay did not provide specific access to the number of users, but it can be believed that the number of web pages on the site has reached hundreds of millions.

2009, the Swedish court found that the Pirate Bay illegal sharing of 33 copyrighted documents, in order to infringe copyright crime

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