White list has become a tool for anti spam

last year, more than 70% of the mail sent from Asia, spam, if not controlled, the proportion of global spam will reach up to 90%.

experts on the interpretation of the twentieth China Internet report, pointed out: anti spam situation is more serious, should be promoted as soon as possible white list (anti spam organization) platform mechanism.

previously, the national Internet Center released the China Internet report. Report data show that the popularity of the Internet has exceeded the international 10% critical point, the next 35 years will be the rapid growth of the number of Internet users stage. With the rapid growth of Internet users, up to 55.4% e-mail usage, making e-mail will inevitably become the most popular marketing tool.

experts said that e-mail has become the most effective marketing tool, the future spam situation will be more severe, it should be as soon as possible to promote the white list platform mechanism and intelligent spam filtering technology.

According to

, according to the definition of the anti spam Committee of the China Internet association, legitimate business e-mail must meet the following requirements:

send internet e-mails containing commercial advertisement contents shall indicate the words "advertisement" or "AD" in the title; clear and in a prominent position to inform the recipient shall have the right to reject the sender to send commercial e-mail, and can be activated at the same time in the unsubscribe mechanism; send business e-mail message body set complaint way.

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