Nora Wang Xin if you become a rogue please tell others had innocence

Nora Mister Wang Xin. CFP data figure

August, Nora technology CEO Wang Xin was arrested outside the news came, his cell phone was turned off.

, in fact, has checked the outgoing message from April 2014 Nora company. Surging news reporter has been trying to contact Wang Xin. Wang Xin calls only two times. For the first time, he says, "I’m in Hongkong".

the second time he heard the news reporters surging finish identity directly after hanging up the phone, but he subsequently verified by the WeChat reporter circle of friends, but still no answer, maybe he thought let reporters see his circle of friends is enough to know him.

surging news contact his friends and colleagues, and his circle of friends and a variety of original information in an attempt to restore his life.

Wang Xin is a Indoorsman, for their own business needs of life, and then to fail once famous enterprises to work, and ultimately create a "Indoorsman artifact nora. He works hard to create an atmosphere of equality in the company, such as encouraging colleagues to throw water on him.

he loves fishing, but always just catch some fish". In 2013, when he suffered a crisis in his career, he seemed to have some problems. He thought he could get through the crisis……

this is not the first time Wang Xin failed

Wang Xin insiders familiar with said, this is not the first time the failure of Wang Xin.

2000 Wang Xin south to Shenzhen, his first job as a programmer at Dragon company. Dragon has also been out of another industry celebrities Ceng Liqing, he later became one of the founders of the Tencent, and became the first investor Wang Xin.

2002, Wang Xin himself founded a company, Shenzhen stone software". Wang Xin their hobby and many "Indoorsman", is the computer watching films, listening to music, he had told a friend, if he wants to see a drama, we should breath all night reading.

point communications software and other software have done a lot of projects. There was a famous investment company to find Wang Xin, to invest 3 million to him, but he did not realize that the investment company will bring resources outside the investment, so did not promise.

point the most prosperous development to more than and 80 people, was just the rise of the grand Wang Xin has also been found to be acquired, but did not negotiate. Then the grand listed, stone has closed down in 2005.

this is Wang Xin’s first failure.

then, he went to the grand work, do the "big box", but nothing came of the project.

Wang Xin returned to Shenzhen in 2006 to start a business, this year his daughter was born, life has entered a new stage.

Wang Xin entrepreneurial location in Che Kung Temple, a set of "farmer room", the monthly rent of 3000, plus artificial and

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