Rebate network mode popular capital market successfully completed the tens of millions of financing

recently, the shopping rebate as the core of the largest consumer shopping guide website rebate network ( officially announced the acquisition of ten million U.S. dollars investment firm from Chuangtou and Disney, and also announced last year to the membership payment cash rebate have exceeded 32 million yuan


rebate network founder and CEO Ge Yongchang said that the successful financing represents in this round of e-commerce development in the wave of consumer shopping guide website after obtaining the user with B2C website, also won the attention of the capital market. It is understood that this round of financing will focus on strengthening the recruitment of enterprises and market development. Rebate network COO Zhu Min said at the scene, in promoting the development of blowout online shopping industry, in recent years the rapid growth of the rebate network, currently has more than 2 million 500 thousand members of online shopping, nearly 400 well-known electricity providers to enter.

rebate network now covers almost all well-known online shopping businesses and group purchase areas, including Jingdong,, Eslite mall, shop No. 1, the U.S. group net and and other industry leaders, contributed to the online shopping monthly turnover of nearly 200 million yuan. COO Mr. Zhu Min at the conference site, a detailed interpretation of the unique value of "shopping rebate" mode. As an important guide in electronic commerce, relying on its unique rebate network services to attract a large number of online shopping membership. On the one hand to bring benefits to consumers and shopping convenience, on the other hand for the cooperation of the electricity supplier website brings a large number of high-quality online shopping users, massive orders and high repeat purchase rate.

rebate network and electricity supplier website between pay mode of cooperation, but also greatly reduces the cost of promotion of website of business and risk, realize the consumers and electricity supplier website rebate network win-win situation! Booming in recent years China B2C market to provide a huge space of Internet companies hitherto unknown, electronic commerce association director Yan cha China the scene said the importance of electronic commerce industry association, said the new chapter in the tens of millions of dollars in financing rebate network will open e-commerce industry mode.

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