Xie Wen pregnant data services industry six talk about big data Era

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Apple Corp has launched iPhone and iPad popular in the world, the whole world into a number of industries are subversive, some industry restructuring, some companies are to get rid of the chaos situation. With the recent Google and Microsoft have launched the tablet computer as a symbol, plus their mobile phone operating system and mobile phone manufacturing efforts, it can be said that the analysis need to start over the traditional business model and industry division.

from the perspective of industrial analysis, and then the network industry, IT industry, the telecommunications industry and the software industry to see what has been unclear. The traditional concept of TMT (telecommunications, media and information technology industry collectively) should be thrown into the garbage heap. A redefinition of the concept of a large network of industry may be more appropriate to reflect the highly volatile world and increasingly blurred industrial relations. The upstream network industry, leading and driving force is the traditional sense of the Internet industry (or small network industry), in IT industry, telecom industry and software industry, the lower is the news publishing industry, film industry, entertainment industry, retail and logistics industry. I can put them all into a big industrial concept, because they have or are in the Internet, close symbiotic relationship formed between each other.

big data era is coming from the point of view, perhaps need not entangled in the network industry and network industry how to distinguish the lawsuit, simply re definition of a new concept: data services. The core asset of the industry is the electronic network of data, regardless of where the data comes from, what organizations or individuals, what products or services. Everything in the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes can be transformed in a riot of colours by the data bytes of the 0-1 code is composed of simple or complex. The whole industry chain is composed of data production, data communication, data acquisition, data storage and processing, data exchange and sale. The traditional industries can be arranged to belong to one or several of the industrial chain. For example, the news publishing industry and film industry, mainly engaged in the production data, the telecommunications industry and the main website do data dissemination, data terminal manufacturers to help users access data, software provider specializing in data storage processing, everyone involved in the data exchange and direct sale business. The difference between the size of the company mainly in the possession and use of the scale of the data, such as electronic commerce and even on the surface of real business is just through the sale of specific goods attached to the data to make money.

The fundamental difference between related industries

data services and existing in its business model is data driven, with large depth of data analysis and processing, is the use of big data and multiple use of the existing depth, simple and direct business model of value-added services. An ideal of the whole industry chain data services company should design and sell a full range of data terminal, development and operation of the universal open platform, cloud computing development and support, data storage and use of the background and the data analysis and data product platform components. Such a company in CIO or CDO (chief data officer) plays an important leadership role, hire a large number of data section >

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