Jiayuan or listed overseas experts will promote the dating market purification

in extensive network Beijing on April 18th news China according to the voice of "news" reports, along with the domestic dating show continued hot, dating website recently in the rising popularity, some purple red. To occupy the domestic market banbishan marriage Jiayuan network, intimated to market.

even know that the company has hired PWC to do the audit, to prepare for the listing on the nasdaq. If the search room, Youku, potatoes, Dangdang the current hottest profit sites listed, can also be understood, the modern version of China matchmaker Jiayuan listed – some people cannot read.

5 years ago, dating from a start had a risk fund today. However, due to the lack of effective profit model, the risk fund has gradually lost confidence, which is also a direct result of the elimination of marriage website optimization. Today, the industry big boss Jiayuan listed, and what is the meaning? Chinese sound economic observers Ma Guangyuan believes that the profit way of mature venture investment withdrawal transformation for listing, everything seemed to go.

Ma Guangyuan: Jiayuan listed on the one hand there is of course the needs in this area, including second, business profit model has now established itself, should be said to have been several rounds of private financing, venture capital has been in there. So in the end it wants to quit, then exit is the most important way through the listing.

at present, the marriage website users are growing trend, overseas venture capital is also the value of the world’s largest marriage market prospects, it seems that everywhere is gold. But in the Chinese sound financial commentator Zhang Chunyu seems to grow the user base specious, we are holding a free mind, dating market itself is not perfect.      

Zhang Chunyu: the matchmaker is an ancient and traditional industry, but it is a fresh and avant-garde, dating sites is the fusion of the two, but there are not many reliable. First of all, this kind of marriage website is generally menu style consumption, looks very fast food. On the one hand, you may find that online men left 3S lady pick to pick; on the other hand, you may find that entered into the market, feel good, you may be the same as the radish green vegetables pick to pick up.

then, we should see the online dating model is accepted by most people, but the size of the user is always a predictable growth, a growth that has its limit, limit its further development. Even for many users, it has not formed a long-term joint degree: if he is dating success he will leave quickly; if dating is not successful, he hopes a little pay or not pay the way to make friends. Such a commercial value itself is flawed, perhaps it has some investment value, but it is not optimistic about the future of my personal.

in fact, although the dating website is very popular, but also like a fireworks display, a >

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