China’s four largest cattle T industry heavyweights redefined and combined with the nternet

Discuz lovers in April 10th, the Internet era is the era of attention economy, who won the attention of people’s attention, to a large extent, the success of half. Coming out of New Oriental English training star Luo Yonghao is such a model will create a focus of attention. A few years ago, Luo fat high-profile throws mobile phone to do, it was the era of popular millet entrepreneurship; a year ago, Luo Pangzi from the mobile phone system, he opened a hammer IOS road; today, Luo fat once again thrown out in May 20 the first stressed 3000 yuan mobile phone user experience first. A road to Luo Yonghao Taylor, gather a focus, Luo this trick is probably another classic case of Internet sales.

is due to the charm of the Internet era of attention to the economy, the IT industry bigwigs who are taking advantage of the principle of attention to the economy while making enough money to make gold and silver. China im founder Ma Huateng, Chinese Ma, Chinese search provider boss father Robin Li and Liu Qiang East electricity supplier rookie is a master in this. But we carefully observe the study found that the four IT industry heavyweights "spicy" means more unique, by redefining the Internet and re combination of manufacturing industry and outside heavy new things and new issues, earn a hefty profit.

recently fire micro-blog piece: Ma Huateng, redefined the independent innovation; Ma, redefined the spirit of the contract; Robin Li, re definition of intellectual property; Liu Qiangdong redefined the simple kind. This micro piece get everyone’s hot, is itself an eyeball economy once again. The author analysis the principles of Ma Huateng, to redefine Ma Yun, Robin Li, Liu Qiangdong.

Ma Huateng redefined the independent innovation: plagiarism is designed to innovate

Ma Huateng is the people for having heard it many times, went to study in the United States, and then returned to China with 200 thousand entrepreneurial success, a scholar breath, is the first to use the Israeli development of instant messaging software ICQ China. At first, Ma Huateng will chat software named QICQ, in fact, is the ICQ of china. But first im three Israelis, Wisger Vardi and Goldfinger have objections, Ma Huateng put forward "plagiarism". So the horse struck, since I "borrowed" has become a reality, it will accompany points later renamed at least now we hand in fashion: a QQ, the instant messaging once again redefined and success.

In fact,

redefined Ma Huateng much more than the ICQ China, we count Ma Huateng redefined in the road on the road: Tencent game CF is a new definition of the network game CS; Tencent is a new definition of the cloud Ali cloud; caifutong is redefined to alipay……

a lot of people on the Ma Huateng style that Ma Huateng is a sniff at, worthy of the name "plagiarism king". former president and CEO Wang Zhidong had harsh words: "Ma Huateng is the famous plagiarism king, and he was clearly"

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