The daily topic cut off Alipay WeChat interface of mobile payment behind the competition

station network ( news February 21st, 17 this month, the media reported that Alipay has stopped accepting payment interface scenarios for WeChat, which means that businesses in WeChat to build business platform will not be able to access Alipay to pay.

for Alipay shielding WeChat, industry analysts believe that Alipay is attempting to avoid Alipay become one of WeChat’s payment, as for the impact of Alipay’s move brought is difficult to predict. However, there are also people think there may be a lot of Alipay refused businesses will be switched to WeChat to pay arms, but given the current WeChat payment threshold requirements for businesses (the need to open the WeChat payment interface businesses need to pay 50 thousand yuan deposit), so Alipay’s move will cause a certain impact on small businesses.

insiders said that the 50 thousand yuan deposit paid by WeChat for the business threshold is not low, but Alipay does not open payment channels will also be forced to pay WeChat rapidly improve, and enhance the experience of feeling, one is not normal, there will be more competition into the payment channel.

Ali Tencent has long been struggling to grab the entrance of mobile payment. In July last year, Alibaba has suspended the third party applications associated with WeChat services. August, Taobao began to ban WeChat two-dimensional code entry. With the WeChat version 5 officially launched the payment function, the Tencent officially entered the field of mobile payments, which also started with Alipay to pay war. November, Taobao officially closed the phone WeChat jump to the Taobao page channel. This year, WeChat grab a red envelope formed a boom, will grab the red, red envelopes to pull WeChat to pay in the camp, and then the two sides in various aspects of taxi, finance, envelopes, AA payments such as fierce confrontation.

station in Ali’s point of view, the Alipay screen WeChat is very reasonable, and before Taobao service platform, Taobao WeChat shield shield WeChat link, has its strategic significance on the inside, which can allow users to develop shopping habits in the WeChat platform, can not let the public, businesses in the WeChat shop sellers, but can not let WeChat become mobile channel and platform providers, which will threaten the entire Ali’s future, coupled with the recent Tencent shares public comment news, Jingdong and Tencent and ogle, making Ali must take action.

analysis shows that the rapid growth of WeChat payment, let Alipay feel a huge threat, so the two sides in the field of payment for will be inevitable, and it gets worse. But "the effect is good or bad, still unable to determine, because these are Alipay refused to businesses, may eventually be paid to WeChat’s arms." Industry comments. In the Internet era, the information gathered around, there was a brief confrontation between the big three BAT, but then they do not interfere with each other staking. But the mobile payment is called the next era of the flow of the core entrance, and finally Tencent and Alibaba head-on confrontation.

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