Experts explain the new online shopping hot 7 days no reason to return back to


shop is still hanging "not to return" despot clause

reporter found in advanced search, the whole network with new product search criteria to 342 million 470 thousand, baby only 122 million 812 thousand and 400 and add seven days return guarantee conditions. Many shops are still home to hang out disclaimer such as size color does not belong to quality problems will not be returned, seemingly reminder, indeed King terms, restrict conditions of commodity exchange, blatant prejudice the legitimate interests of consumers.

A Taobao

shop sellers in a statement: "this shop seven days no reason to return the store, non quality problems will not be returned, please feel" not what you want to feel ‘or’ had struggled hard to find reasons to return ‘and’ just to try to buy clothes, not very picky girl to love please pass back." This kind of shops buyers will regret the right to deprive forcibly, and the new regulations vary widely. (according to Xinhua News Agency)

newly revised consumer protection law will be formally implemented in March 15th. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the recently published "network transaction management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), online shopping for consumers’ right to regret giving security at the level of departmental regulations. For many keen online shopping consumers, 7 days no reason to return, so that the provisions of the online shopping less worries. But at the same time, for any commodity for 7 days no reason to return, what conditions need to be met, no reason to return can be implemented, consumers have many questions.

what is the criterion for judging the "good" of the product?

"measures" the provisions of article sixteenth, the network operators who sell goods, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, and without justification, unless there are four kinds of commodities: consumer custom, perishable, online download or unpacking of consumer audio and video products, computer software and other digital products. As well as the delivery of newspapers and periodicals. In addition to these four categories of goods, other goods in accordance with the nature of the consumer and confirmed the purchase of goods should not be returned, not unreasonable return. Consumer goods should be returned intact.

What is the

"good" standard? The packaging of goods damaged, tag clothes cut off, so that the product can not be no reason to return

?Professor Yang Lixin

of the Renmin University of China School of law, consumer goods should be returned intact "that is to say, with no reason to return conditions, consumers should keep the goods itself intact.

"good commodity standards should be based on whether the impact of the two sales." Alibaba group vice president Yu Siying said the legal, in the actual sales process, return all businesses and consumers are free to decide. The return itself is between operators and consumers of the goods themselves voluntary, they found, usually few disputes."

some experts said that the implementation of the law is an obstacle to the situation after the goods are not returned

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