Their way do stand summarize Wangzhuan

today to write this article, is to prepare for the novice friends. Because in the group from time to time to hear friends say how to build a website, it is not difficult to build a website. In their eyes, to own a station is very happy, very proud, if can do for their own profit, it is a happy thing. But some people always feel the station is far away. In fact, it is not as difficult to stand as friends. I hope this article can write it through Wangzhuan, to inspire everyone.

if you will use Dreamweaver to do the station, just need to buy a space and domain name can be, and then do a good job uploading. Now I’m talking about the use of ready-made CMS program to build their own web site, three steps.

first step: you have to prepare a space, generally cheap one year in about 100 yuan. If the speed and stability requirements, spend more money. Recommended novice space can be cheap, with practice. With the space is not enough, the space with the two domain name is not good to do, you need to buy a top meter. Such as.Com,.Cn,, etc.. As long as a minimum of 5 yuan a year, the highest will be $60. This space and domain name to spend between 105 yuan to $160, I think this price is acceptable.

The second step: we should go to the

CMS program, the general users of any CMS, you move easily, PHPCMS, you can choose according to their own preferences. GBK versions are free. It’s time for you to download the space. If you install the CMS program, if the update site, if collected, there is a tutorial. We can look at the heart. If not, can go to the official forum to post for help. In this way, a web site is easy to get. Of course, if you do not like those procedures, feel the site of the program is good, the site can also be free to pass my program to you a. If you read the article and do not understand, you can contact me QQ:4350185

third step: do stand easy promotion difficult, this is an eternal truth. It’s not that we built a website to make money. Not so easy, in the early stage, you need to prepare a lot of information to improve your site, home art, layout, etc., have to spend some thought. This is the key to success of Guan Jian, at first glance, to give people a good feeling, then, good content can retain users, he may feel free to visit your site.

finally, you should learn some knowledge of the optimization and promotion, this is a shortcut to website traffic. Do a website, the final direction of development to be clear, how to locate the key words, and then in this direction. In the process of site you will not encounter a lot of problems, do not give up, one day two days can earn the money, you must have a common heart, don’t be lazy, to update the site every day. Over the past few months, the results can be seen on their own. If you can stick to it, your skills and your knowledge will become more and more abundant. Hope to make friends can make money.

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