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why do you want to write a blog about the boss, the purpose of writing blog is divided into internal and external two aspects of boss blogging will focus more on business problems and construction of enterprises and foreign boss’s blog, will focus on enterprise with foreign public relations. The most important is the unique unique boss blogging is the identity of the owner, to face consumers and employees, the content of the blog is often considered to have inside color, also has real-time and reality, by setting up the image of the boss, and then shape the brand or company image.

represents celebrities: Pan Shiyi, he wrote a blog, click on more than 10 million, through the blog, won an important position in the real estate circles he, CCTV said: "Pan Shiyi is not the most wealthy, his company is not the largest, but he and his SOHO China is definitely the most eye-catching." Pan Shiyi through the blog, made him successful in the industry image, who worked alongside Pan Shiyi said, "you can not love him, but you cannot deny his success; you can think of his house in a complete mess, but you can’t admit that he had been sold out." Pan Shiyi’s blog is currently ranked first in the real estate sector hits, a typical case of successful blog marketing.

Pan Shiyi purpose is very simple, through the packaging of personal brand, enhance enterprise and product brand, in the Internet users to establish brand image, and then, to enhance the sales and price of his house. What we can to blog marketing from the Pan Shiyi middle school? For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs should have an open mind can operate their own brands, and operate their own blog to your brand is a plus, but the key time, when the communication enterprises need and consumers, is a member of information, for example for example, SOHO’s house out what the problem is, at this time Pan Shiyi’s blog immediately released out, do not have to open the conference. Another enterprises pay more attention to the blog, the blog must pay attention to the negative news, a news blog will often bring tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of millions of hits, this time for your brand is very powerful.

out of inertia thinking, pondering the inspiration brought about by Pan Shiyi. Entrepreneur brand is an important part of enterprise brand. From the spread of the cost and effectiveness of the entrepreneur brand, better than the spread of corporate and product brands.

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