Laundry to join several common scam

is currently almost any industry there is a scam, especially some joined the cooperative market, if not careful, more gullible, and the same market to join the laundry. Deputy director of the China University of Political Science and Law Research Center, Li Weihua, chairman of the franchise Union International Laundry Chain Co. Ltd. Guo Shiqi through washing industry, especially in-depth study of franchising, laundry chain, join in the field, especially the induction of several washing franchise in the most common and the most important tricks to deceive.



fabricated foreign name posing as foreign famous brand

Li Weihua said that the use of a considerable number of people more like or like the psychology of foreign brands in the country at random to fabricate some of the full taste of the name, and claimed to be a foreign famous brand. This is one of the commonly used brand cheat tricks.

actually, there’s no such thing as a "famous" brand in a foreign country. The most commonly used brands, mostly from the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, etc..

There is

in Hongkong and other places to register a company or short mechanism, then in what is known as the international domestic companies and International Laundry Industry Association. In fact, it’s an out and out company. Some will find a few foreigners photos or hire some foreign workers to take some photographs, then put these pictures on the Swindlers Company’s promotional page or web site, so that franchisees mistakenly think that the company is a foreigner "foreign" company.



said the domestic equipment is assembled abroad

usually, a laundry shop investment range is 30 thousand -150 yuan. However, potential franchisees or investors must know a fact is: whether, laundry equipment must be in line with the international CE standard and national standard of light industry machinery.

due to potential franchisees and investors for equipment knowledge is not enough, so give an opportunity to cheat. Such as the domestic equipment is said to be assembled abroad equipment. In fact, this device may even – screws are not imported, are purely domestic goods, the purchase price is a few million, but sold to the franchisee to ten yuan. It is obvious that the production of washing equipment manufacturers, but it is necessary to hang the franchise to the guise of recruiting franchisees, in fact, it is the quality of its production in the laundry equipment.

there is the elimination of the opening of four vinyl chloride or oil solvent dry cleaning machine sold to franchisees. These devices only a few thousand dollars, but they were sold to several million crooks.

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