Dig deep into the treasure buried in the information

for a businessman, "intelligence" is crucial, because by this information, business people can step ahead seize the lifeline of the market, the slow need to start early. we all must have heard the story, but if the story of the bird or clever businessmen?

Browse in the local high rate information for the establishment of a "business intelligence network", established a link with some websites, and will log on to the contents of the search engine business intelligence network ", multi-faceted played for the financial, insurance, securities and corporate finance, restructuring and management provide" special information "advertisement.

has developed more than and 500 member customers in the country, each subscriber fee is 800 yuan, so her annual turnover of up to 400 thousand yuan. Grasp the following key points is the key to success: 1) the possession of a large number of information resources is the basis for successful business; 2) to improve the quality of information and highlight the characteristics of the key to the success of entrepreneurship; 3) scientific marketing is the key to the success of entrepreneurship.

to ensure quality, and achieved certain web browsing rate under the premise of the information content of the lock, open only to members, members pay an annual fee upon the password from the information online search, browse the appropriate information. And here as a "intelligence director" of you, in the premise of network information maintenance, just sit at home waiting for the money on the line.


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