What is the current situation of imported food market

people’s economic conditions are good, the demand for a variety of snacks in nature is constantly increasing, in which imported food has ushered in a huge development. Baidu search under the import of food, see all the investment advertising, as if this is a new business opportunities.

yes, imported food written in foreign language, and exquisite packaging, taste is good, they not only leads to children and young people let us this slobber, can not find the project entrepreneurs ready to. The imported food chain stores more and more let us look forward to.

but, with all the imported food stores closed and food quality problems arise, the heat of the investors should be more sober analysis of the risks of operation and management, to understand the status quo of food import market. So, the current situation of imported food store market?

– the high profit margins of

China since its accession to the WTO tariff fall, the RMB exchange rate rise, the favorable concentration makes the average profit of imported food is as high as 40%~50%. No wonder the imported food enterprises played a high-profile imported food, make a big fortune "slogan to attract franchisees.

– no leading brand

such a piece of gold, blue ocean, but also very natural. There is no high concentration of brands and fully transparent market competition. Although there have been thousands of exchange "," more than 100 "and" hidden treasure "and" Ivy League "in the regional market to establish a certain influence on the chain brand, but because fewer stores, limited distribution, has China mainland nor a real scale enterprises to import food store brand.

– low threshold

imported food to join the threshold is very low. Room more than and 10 square meters of shops only about 100000 yuan, very little savings and to cater to the needs of independent young entrepreneurs.

it is understood that the current domestic imports of food chain stores, mostly from Hongkong, Guangdong, Hunan and other places Foodstuff Trading Co. Each franchisee to join the capital requirements are not high. A minimum threshold of imported food to join configuration fee only needs thirty thousand yuan, also sold twenty thousand yuan products. The highest allocation fee is only one hundred and seventy thousand yuan. The ad also specifically stated that the configuration fee has been included in the opening of a full set of items, simply configure the items to the store can be opened for business".

if we decide to enter into a certain industry business, the market has been facing fierce competition in the industry, therefore, want to know their own business in the end will not have a good development, but also the need for natural market is more sufficient.

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