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restaurant franchise options market prospects as their investment projects is very important, because the market prospects of the brand can provide strong support for you in the later stage, the competition in the market trend of great for you to stabilize the heel. So what are the food and beverage industry market prospects of the project?


grandmother restaurant chain, founded in 1998. From the original Ma Cheng Lu "grandma" restaurant development so far, has been in the country has more than 80 stores and over 8000 employees of large food chain.

When the

set off a wave when catering business banquets, grandma foresaw the development potential of the everyday consumer market, consumer groups will be locked in the family dining of ordinary people, with high price as the core competitiveness. In the end, it turns out that with the improvement of living standards, family spending power is increasing. Grandmother with precise positioning, high quality food and professional and professional services accounted for the opportunity, consumer groups continue to expand.

Oriental White

East is white, is a World Restaurant Group Yum – the first Chinese restaurant brand, KFC’s brother brand. In order to ensure the success of World War I, yum team under a great pains in product development. First of all the design requirements on all different meal period (early, dinner, snacks, snacks, meals, and even freezing etc.) special children have some signs of hard base products; and all Chinese eat rice, noodles, steamed buns, including Soybean Milk, suanmeishang are included; through scientific management of Yum that must ensure that every product is on the market the best quality, and very unique Dongpo meat stew or steamed Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork. During lunch, we must try homemade sweet and sour juice and fresh tomato beef noodles. Between meals can taste delicious snacks as white Oriental; fried chicken wing day pepper spicy chicken and PA. Kids will love especially for their development of interesting shapes, burned seaweed, rice and vegetable roll, nutritious and delicious, and toys gift. As of 2014.11.29, the East has a number of white domestic stores reached 29

Mao Hotel

Mao Hotel, where the former residence of Comrade Mao Zedong, Chairman Mao had received a cordial interview with MS. Tang Ruiren founded in 1987. Shaoshan Mao Hotel (Headquarters) the name from the original central leadership Wangshoudao inscribed. Over the past twenty years, Mao Hotel received a total of tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign guests, including more than thirty party and state leaders. Many guests in Shaoshan, attracted to Mao restaurant dining, tasting of Chairman Mao during his lifetime favorite Home Dishes, reminiscing about Chairman Mao’s valiant record; at the same time it is a rare pleasure and spiritual nourishment. Mao Hotel in the country created a strong cultural atmosphere of the president, the introduction of a strong local Hunan

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