What a trick slow moving cigarette sales

Although each owner

shop to do business, and hope that their products can be sold in the market, able to fire. However, at the time of the customer’s visit, some customers complained that some cigarettes sold slowly, several weeks can not sell a few boxes. Due to the relatively long time of these cigarettes, not only make the customer funds can not be quickly withdrawn, but also with the change of the season brings unnecessary economic losses. In fact, the cigarette is slow-moving, often not a cigarette itself, as the saying goes, "there is a goods there is a master", each has its own brand of cigarette market, not just some scientific management idea and method of selling. The following will introduce you some tips "sales unsalable smoke".

, much publicity, publicity unsalable smoke brand selling point. In the face of the rich cigarette brands and specifications on the market, consumers in cigarette consumption, often promote their understanding and familiar with cigarettes. Some cigarette smoke and become unmarketable due to inadequate publicity. This requires retail customers and friends to learn, master brand selling point, to introduce to consumers to promote "unsalable smoke" brand origin, price, selling point, tar content and brand culture, so that consumers have a good understanding of our cigarette. Only consumers know, know, it is possible to choose.

two, seize the opportunity to actively promote Agro smoke. Cigarette produce slow-moving, sometimes is our business idea is too conservative by. What is selling what consumers buy smoke cigarettes, cigarette sales supply after cannot be recommended for slow-moving cigarette. For slow-moving smoke, as retail customers must first change management concepts, are not "sell themselves" era, any good smoke no publicity and recommendation can not become popular smoke. To change the "unsalable" situation, we should seize the opportunity, many consumers are clear to buy which brand specifications when buying cigarettes, we should try to change what consumers buy to sell what the traditional sales concept, active promotion. Take the initiative to recommend slow-moving smoke, seize all opportunities to sell, in customer choice with the grade of the tight time, timely referrals unsalable smoke.

three, do a good job of display, focusing on the eye effect. Some form of "unsalable smoke" because there is no better display. Due to slow-moving cigarette sales slow, some cigarette brand for a long time to sell a package, retail customers may be placed in the corners, which makes the original unsalable cigarette sales more difficult, consumers do not see, naturally there will be people to buy. Form a vicious cycle. The smoke to place large unsalable, placed in prominent positions, to attract the attention of consumers with beautiful furnishings. This will greatly increase the probability of cigarette sales unsalable.

four, the use of gift items, seize the big business opportunities. Seize the consumer mind, that consumers in the purchase of "unsalable smoke" with some small gifts, such as lighters, some cheap and practical items. This will not only deepen the feelings of consumers, but also can retain more

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