State Department simplify and optimize the public service process to facilitate the masses to do bus

is a hard work for the government, China society in recent years, Chinese leadership has been committed to decentralization, in order to facilitate grassroots entrepreneurial work. Recently, the State Council issued the latest notice, calling for further simplification and optimization of public service processes.

the convenience of the masses pioneering work of the notification

issued 2015 No. 86

the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, ministries and agencies directly under the State Council:

A, the general requirements of

– service convenience. To simplify administrative links and procedures, to optimize the public service process, clear standards and deadlines, strengthen the service consciousness, enrich the content of services, expand service channels, innovative services, improve service quality, make the masses more convenient business more smoothly.

– according to the law in accordance with regulations. Strict compliance with laws and regulations, good use of the rule of law in the rule of law, norms of public service matters handling procedures, limiting the right of discretion, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, and promote the institutionalization and standardization of public services.

– open and transparent information. Full disclosure of public service matters, to achieve the whole process of openness and transparency, traceability, verifiable, and effectively protect the people’s right to know, participation and supervision.

– open data sharing. Accelerate the "Internet plus public service", the use of modern information technologies such as big data, strengthen the sector linkage, breaking information silos, promote information recommendation and mutual interconnection

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