What are some of the scams encountered in the process of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

now has a growing number of college students have chosen to start such a path, however, the entire entrepreneurial market is how complex, resulting in a lot of college students are constantly deceived. So, the process of college students in the process of fraud? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce several.

recently, the China Youth Daily published a survey data show that 79% of the surveyed students have the intention to start their own businesses. And released in chinahr.com’s "the seventh best employer Chinese student survey report, the proportion of college students venture a decline of 1.4%, the current entrepreneurs accounted for only 1.4% of the respondents. In the "start" the seemingly beautiful coat, why appear to be highbrow?

at the same time, some informal intermediary companies, sales companies have also found a new target. They are under the banner of "how to make a pot of gold at the University", "on its own could finish college" signs, open the bedroom door, and sell products to students seeking agent. Unsuspectingly in the ivory tower students, before the dream of becoming a millionaire may bump into the tender trap.

venture eager


phone cheated 5000 yuan

Liu Jia (a pseudonym), studying at a university in Haidian, the junior Liu Jia’s business acumen, University for two years, he earned 5000 yuan extra money by selling online equipment.

a year ago, Liu Jia saw an Internet company to sell game cards for $70 percent off on the Internet, "the price is too tempting." Liu Jia immediately dialed the phone company, a staff member asked Liu Jiaxian to pay 300 yuan deposit. Liu Jia remittances, and soon received the other side of the mailing of more than 6000 yuan worth of prepaid cards, he did not verify the card will be the remaining 2000 yuan to pay the other party. Wait until the recharge card was found to have been locked, simply can not be used."

hurried to contact the company, the staff said the need to pay 2500 yuan, after the lifting of the ban card can register an account in the company. Liu Jia went to the bank will be 2500 yuan of money to fight in the past, but still can not use the game cards.

Liu Jia once again hit the phone to the company, said the staff had to pay 3000 yuan market margin. I was feeling wrong, asking him to provide identity card number, the man said no." Liu Jia Internet access to the company’s registration information, found that the sale of information provided by the site did not register for the record, are illegal domain name.

on the page as if there is the company’s tax and business registration and other documents, but the pictures are very small, simply can not see clearly."

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