Chongqing substantial sales achieved sales of 22 million special purchases for the Spring Festival F

The arrival of the Internet makes online shopping become

consensus choice, especially in the dawn of the new year, a lot of people to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival are, by way of online shopping! Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, said today that, recently, the Commission to guide the world’s Agel Ecommerce Ltd Chongqing tribute in the Alibaba Juhuasuan platform, successfully planned and organized the convergence of Chongqing? Special day "special special purchases for the Spring Festival theme activities, achieved sales of more than 2200 yuan package, 620 thousand, cumulative exposure of 368 million passengers.

this activity has two characteristics:

video marketing is a fast and effective. The first attempt to combine the Chongqing flavor, family and other elements to shoot the video clips to promote strong Chongqing characteristics, the formation of the rapid spread of the effect, deepening the impression of Chongqing agricultural products in the minds of consumers. Wujiang mustard products sold 197925 bags, equivalent to a large supermarket sales for 5 months. Cattle Han Han series of products sold 83740 bags, equivalent to the next line of a supermarket sales of 5 and a half months.

two is the focus of product sales break million. Chongqing’s special purchases for the Spring Festival impressive sales, sales of 22 million, indicating that people shopping mode change, the majority of businesses in a timely manner to conform to the market demand! The daughter-in-law spicy snack spree 2 days sold 1 million 80 thousand bags of products, is the total sales of a large supermarket in nearly two years under the line. Fengjie navel 3 days sales of nearly 50 tons. Tokusho Hot pot bottom material 2 products total sales of 21235 copies, equivalent to a good line of business specialty supermarket 6 and a half months of sales.

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