After 80 full time wife to play a good opportunity to play WeChat

from the beginning of last year, a derivative of 10493, help many people achieve wealth plan, a 80 children home housewife, only by virtue of playing WeChat million a month, encouraged countless entrepreneurs. Here’s a look at the full-time wife’s entrepreneurial experience.

2012 at the beginning of that time, I just got married, my husband is younger than me, the two families in the condition is not very good, we did not have any savings when married, life is not so good before marriage. And soon after marriage I gave birth to my daughter, so that the original is not a better life more worrying.

may have friends will ask why get married soon this baby, I believe that as long as men all know


in the next time, I listen to a lot of what sitting at home can make money advertising, let me also lost some money (unearned money is basically fudge), though not many, but for the US, but also very painful. So when time to 2013.

2013 years I hope I don’t want to do that before, want to really learn about WeChat marketing methods.

wrote so much of his own experience, you don’t think I’m too wordy, I again I do mom circle derivative.

2014 what is the most fire, micro business most fire, I do a mother circle of micro business, about baby supplies. Then I’ll tell you how I do it.

The second step:

interaction with mothers

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