College students need reason

just after June, many college students began to leave school, into a new journey. There are a lot of college students a hot head, would like to go out of business, but entrepreneurship is not as simple as you think. With the arrival of the graduation season, the topic of college students also become more hot. College students entrepreneurship is the willful? Or should rational choice? Today Xiaobian will bring you together analysis.

data show that the number of college graduates this year reached 7 million 490 thousand, an increase of 220 thousand over last year. College students employment situation is still grim. However, this year, more and more college students choose entrepreneurship.

in fact, there are a lot of College entrepreneurial success stories, as everyone knows such as Bill · Gates, a Harvard student, he created Microsoft [micro-blog] Empire, also created the myth of College students. There is the founder of FACEBOOK Zuckerberg, sophomore during the university dormitory founded Facebook, and now this social networking site has swept the world.

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